Dedicatoria Jean NouvelJean Nouvel, Architect

“For Beatrice, who, through this book, has plunged into architecture and the literature of architects. Thank you.”

Carta Giralt-MiracleDaniel Giralt-Miracle, Art Critic and Historian

“Throughout my career I have had the opportunity of working on several occasions with Mrs Beatrice Krayenbühl, particularly in subjects related to art and architecture. Therefore, I hereby certify that she is a qualified translator from Catalan and Spanish to English and French. She has great competence in these languages, whose particularities she knows very well, and she is competent enough to skilfully and accurately provide high-quality translations. (…)”

References-MACBA-combinedCristina Bonet, Associate Curator, MACBA

“Over the last few years, Mrs Beatrice Krayenbühl has worked on frequent occasions for the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art as a translator of texts from Catalan and Spanish to English, and vice versa, providing timely and accurate translations. (…)”